CCNP Security Specialist

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there isn’t a perfect, gold standard certification out there for every practitioner or employer. Certainly, there are the more popular certifications, made in-demand by the United States government through DoD Directive 8140 (or previously, 8570). If you want to work in cybersecurity in the government today, or in a related government contractor, look up the requirements, earn certifications, and apply or hire accordingly until the requirements change.

But outside their direct applicability to the DoD, following these prescriptions blindly helps fuel the polarizing reputation of certifications. Many recommended certs are designed to apply across a broad industry, stretched over several domains, and lack depth in any specific area. When organizations focus only on hiring individuals who have earned these certifications, they overlook individuals that possess differentiating and valuable specialized knowledge and skills.

That said, a subset of industry certifications has been architected to align to specific job roles. Rather than providing a benchmark for generalists, these certifications more closely map to the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for an individual to be effective in carrying out certain responsibilities.

The CCNP Security professional offers operational support identity and network access control. 
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