CompTIA Project

Risk exploit (or exploitation) differs from the other four risk strategies in that it spins the presence of risk from a negative into a positive and involves looking for opportunities to take advantage of the situation. Positive risks that one can benefit from include such things as finishing the project below cost, finishing it early, etc.

It can also involve taking something was created as a byproduct during one project (an app, for example) and selling it as a standalone to bring in additional/unanticipated revenue.

Regardless of the risk-related strategy employed, there are eight activities associated with risks that project managers must do: identification, quantification, planning, review, response, register, prioritization, and communication.

If you're thinking about getting the CompTIA Project+ certification, then here are some things you should know.Most of these eight are self-explanatory but know that identification is the process of identifying potential risks associated with the project and documenting them, while various forms of analysis are then used to evaluate the severity of impact a risk could pose to the project and the likelihood of it actually occurring. Risk response involves determining what actions (if any) to take related to the risks (and documenting everything in the response plan).
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