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it is so common and all too easy for businesses and employees to undervalue the importance of cyber security and b) even if you’re on board with it, it’s going to be hard to get everyone else engaged with the same level of vigilance. It feels like a much less personal stake for employees. For many employees, they’ve been in the workforce for anywhere from 10-40 years, so you can imagine that cyber security simply isn’t a habit or something they consider on a daily basis.

When you work in IT, or other modern and/or technology-based industries, it’s easy to fall into a bubble where you live and breathe cyber security issues. It can be really difficult to convey that importance to employees who’ve spent 80% of their career without giving it a second thought. So, this is your next challenge. Why is it important? Employee education is one of the top cost-reducing factors when it comes to the overall cost of a data breach. With unified understanding from the managerial level down, you minimise the risk and chance of attack.

Creating a culture of awareness means constantly and consistently highlighting cyber security within the workplace from day one. It’s not enough to run a one-off seminar on the importance of password protection. Some suggestions that may help get the ball rolling: incentivise your staff to identify cyber security risks and reward them for executing excellent cyber security awareness, regularly review security news and vulnerabilities together as a team, or run cyber drills where your staff have to identify or experience a simulated cyber attack or phishing attempt.

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