DHCP Engineer

The subject of networking, unfortunately, is boring for the most of our colleagues. All the used technologies, protocols and best practices are pretty old, they have been surrounding us and ensuring the communication between millions of devices around us for a long time. Even programmers most often take networks for granted and don't think about how they work.

It often happens with us: we use words like IP and DNS every day, but there's no understanding how it all works, and how to try it on. Such an attitude is not only incorrect, but also wrong for every self-respecting IT engineer's career. It doesn't matter how many frameworks you have learned, without the networking knowledge you won't be taken seriously. No part of the infrastructure should remain a blackbox neither for developers nor for administrators nor, of course, for you, the future DevOps engineer.

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The goal of this article is not to give a comprehensive guide on networks. Inside of the article and in the end of it, I will give a lot of links to the sources, which can help you deepen the knowledge you've gained. Don't be lazy, click all the links and read everything.
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