IT Support

We are the executive committee of Tenure for the Common Good, and in our March 27 “Statement on Equity and COVID-19,” we write, “All faculty members, whether on or off the tenure track, face real struggles at this moment, and all need support. Many of the issues and recommendations in this statement are true for faculty of all ranks and statuses; however, every one of our common struggles is significantly more difficult for our colleagues who are the most precarious and worst compensated.”

This reality can affect student learning, as we have said, as much as faculty employment. We go on to point out that “Solidarity demands that we support and protect our contingent colleagues just as we are working to protect and support our tenure-track colleagues. We should always do so, but the current situation amplifies the need.” To do less is to fail to meet our professional responsibilities to each other and to those we teach.

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Our administrations must make this same commitment to the education we are, together, trying to provide. With that in mind, Tenure for the Common Good asks college and universities to remember, in this crisis, that lecturers and other contingent faculty are important parts of the educational enterprise whose needs must be considered and who should not be summarily cut from the campus community.
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