Network Engineer

Some network engineers rely on reactive approaches to fix problems when they occur. If data breaches aren’t prevented before they impact the organization, then it ends up being an expensive endeavor. A reactive approach is sometimes compared to running around and putting out fires the entire day. A proactive approach is more strategic. Network engineers put systems, policies and procedures in place that prevent the intrusion in the first place.

They pick up on small issues and tackle them as soon as they show up, rather than waiting for something to break. It’s easier to improve network performance because many of the low-level problems are eliminated through the network design or other technology that was implemented.

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Network engineers often have to work on tasks without a lot of oversight. Depending on the company’s budget, they may be the only person in their role in the entire organization. Working independently requires the employee to be driven and a self-starter. They must be able to keep themselves on task and stick to the schedule that’s laid out for that particular project. In the event of a disaster, the network engineer may need to step into a leadership role to guide the recovery process.
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