NOC Technicians

NOC, the acronym for Network Operations Center is all about the technical analysis of issues pertaining to the system along with outages that occur across the networks of customer enterprises. This is a territory around which administrators conduct their support operations majorly aimed at supervising, monitoring and maintaining the telecommunications network.

An essential segment of large enterprises which thrive through large networks along with the operations of large network service providers, the NOC is the fulcrum around which a host of network maintenance operations are conducted on a regular basis. These include: network troubleshooting, all the activities concerning domain name and router management along with software distribution and updating. Along with these primary activities, NOC support also ensures performance monitoring and coordination between connected networks.

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For this technical person to perform all the above mentioned responsibilities to the utmost satisfaction of his organizational goals, he should have a thorough understanding of network monitoring protocols like NetFlow, SNMP, syslog and WMI with a previous NOC experience that would make him an asset to any organization that hires his honed skills.
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