Software Defined WAN

Simplify WAN routing and reduce costs with WAN defined by Aruba software (SD-WAN), with Central Aruba management. With better visibility and control of Internet traffic, it is ideal for distributed companies that seek to integrate SD-WAN management into an existing infrastructure.

Improve visibility and control with SD-WAN.

SD-WAN offers flexible WAN management options for commercial, hospitality and healthcare organizations that are changing the traffic of a private WAN link branch in favor of direct Internet access. See how Aruba's SD-WAN capabilities help improve network operation to improve the user experience throughout the branch.

Integrate SD-WAN with existing management tools.

With the need to support the digital demand for new cloud services, distributed companies have to optimize the use of new and existing WAN network infrastructure. Aruba Central offers cloud management for SD-WAN, WLAN and LAN to provide IT services with comprehensive network visibility.

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Optimize traffic with role-based awareness.

With functions such as dynamic route selection and policy-based routing, you can make detailed decisions to optimize the experience and operation of branches. Learn how Aruba's capabilities work together in this technical document.
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