Tier 2 PC Technician

The described scheme allows you to organize a remote laboratory workshop within the local network. To organize access to the laboratory setup from any PC via the Internet, it is necessary to organize the possibility of data exchange between the computer of the university’s local network (server) and the computer of the global network (client). Obviously, communication between the client and server “directly”, as described above, is impossible in this case, since the PCs are located in different networks.

The solution to this problem may be installing server software and connecting the laboratory setup directly to the web server, however, this involves some problems: additional load on the server, inconvenience of maintenance, etc. Therefore, it is proposed to introduce the third link into the system - a certain module, built into the web server and performing the function of redirecting data between the client and server. As such a module, you can use the web service.

What does a Level 2 PC Technician do?

To work via the Internet, the client application must be launched from web- | browser, i.e. it must be embedded in the displayed web page. The advantage of this * approach is the ease of implementation in existing & existing DLS, which are | web applications.
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